• YMCA World Challenge 2015

  • YMCA World Challenge 2015

  • World Urban Network Conference

  • NGS met NRIs at New Jersey, the USA

  • Congrats Ebenezer Simeon & Deepak Londhe on entering in the Executive of WUN!

  • National President and other leaders with newly-appointed Principal of YMCA College of Phy. Edu. Chennai

Welcome to YMCA India

The YMCA Movement originally began in post-Industrial England of 19th century in London in the drapery establishment of M/s Hitchcock and Rodgers in which a young apprentice of 21, George Williams, took the initiative in organizing Bible classes in his bedroom in the nature of a mutual edification of the society which brought in a cohesive group of 12 of his co-workers from equal number of denominations of the christian church to form the Young Men’s Christian Association on June 6, 1844. The National Council of YMCAs of India was formed in Madras on February 21, 1891 through the initiative of David McConaughy. The headquarters shifted to Calcutta in May, 1902. In 1964 it shifted to New Delhi, its present location.

World Urban Network Conference

The WUN Conference was held in St. Louis, the USA, during June 7-11, 2015  hosted by YMCA of St. Louis on the theme, ‘Creative Strategies for Achieving Growth’.  The Conference stressed on relationships between the YMCA and the people we serve in the community.  It was also suggested that apart from community intervention the YMCAs should include youth development, healthy living activities and social development.  We should be the motivating factor and the power behind working with young people.  The higher ideals of YMCAs should be to ensure that everyone has healthier, more confident and secured future.  We need to ask searching questions as to what can be the scope, size and scale of YMCAs as we move into the communities.

KT Paul & SD Malaiperuman Scholarships

Mr. John Michael Jose of Salem and Mr. M. Satyaratan of Cuttack were privileged to have had a wonderful experience in Germany and the UK as Fellows of KT Paul and SD Malaiperuman Scholarship for 2014-15 which expose them to diverse cultures and variegated programmes of the YMCAs there and broaden their horizon and understanding of the YMCA as a global movement.  There were moments in their sojourn of the UK and Germany when they were baffled by the cultural differences while at the same time assimilating a lot of useful knowledge on diversifying YMCA activities.  On the whole a memorable experience for two enterprising YMCA professionals.